What are the benefits of supplementation?

This is a question that many people ask whenever they talk about gaining muscle, or increasing the effectiveness of their workouts: what are the benefits of supplementation?

We already have a few articles on this topic, but today we would like to bring you a general compilation of everything you need to know about the benefits of supplementation.

What’s more, we will also explain how protein works in your body. So you will understand why protein supplementation is so beneficial.

So, let’s go! 

Can I replace a meal with Whey Protein?

Understand how proteins work 

Proteins are macromolecules composed of a set of smaller molecules made up of carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, and oxygen, these smaller molecules are also called amino acids. 

Proteins perform various activities in the body – such as accelerating chemical reactions, muscle contraction, regulation of hormones, act as antibodies, and transport oxygen.

Milk protein is considered complete because it contains all the essential amino acids, is of high nutritional value, and is capable of performing yet other functionalities that you will understand by reading this article.

Main benefits of supplementation

The main objective of Whey Protein is to provide a large amount of high biological value protein with low fat levels.

As we said, proteins develop important roles in our body, such as the recovery and regeneration of muscle mass, enzyme production, regulation of hormones, acts in our neurotransmitters, and brings benefits to the immune system.

You see, as we mentioned in the other point, proteins are made up of amino acids, but something needs to be complimented on this subject. Our body produces the non-essential amino acids, but the essential amino acids are not produced.

Therefore, we need to acquire them through food. Here comes the advantage: Whey Protein has the essential amino acids for the proper functioning of our body.

Among the amino acids in Whey, it contains branched-chain amino acids known as BCAA, and has a high concentration of Leucine, an amino acid that is very important for the development of muscle recovery.

Whey Protein serves several purposes, not only for muscle mass gain, weight loss and aesthetics, but also for disease treatment and dietary balance.

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Muscle mass production 

Proteins are essential nutrients for the maintenance and increase of muscle mass, because for the muscle to grow it is necessary to have, besides regular physical activity, an adequate intake of good quality protein.

The amount of protein to be consumed for hypertrophy varies according to your weight and the type and amount of physical activity you do. See which foods help you gain muscle mass.

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Care during supplementation

Food supplements are concentrated and marketed in the form of capsules, powders, tablets, liquids, granules, and tablets, among other formats. In the case of Whey Protein, it is in powder form, ready to be mixed with water.

But don’t choose your supplement without first doing a good research.

Our tip is: prefer Whey Protein to capsules or other forms, for example. Whey is well established in the market and there are many brands and types of Whey.

If you prefer to take your protein supplementation in another form, consult an endocrinologist first to find out if that supplement is right for you.

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