If I go off the diet do I have to change my supplementation?

This is an important question: what to do when you go off the diet? Do you have to change supplementation rates? And more: on the days when you really overdo it, do you have to go without supplementation?

We will deal with this topic today.

We want to show you not only this question, but also the main mistakes that make you gain weight, even after coming from a weight loss process.

Can I replace a meal with Whey Protein?

I went off the diet – do I need to change my supplementation? 

The simplest and most direct answer: no. You don’t need to change your supplementation after going off the diet.

Of course, if it is a day when you overdid it, it is recommended that you do not supplement. Only on that day. This helps in the digestion of food.

Although Whey Protein is a fast digesting supplement, it is advisable that you wait for the next day. The best thing to do is to wait until your body finds a healthy state again. 

But there is no need to change supplementation or take any other action. Discontinue consumption for one day, wait until digestion is stabilized, and then return to the diet as normal.

Now let’s talk about the main mistakes that make you gain weight even after losing it! 

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Skipping breakfast

Some people don’t have time to eat breakfast, others are simply not hungry. After a fast of at least six hours, the body needs energy to continue its activities. According to nutritionists, the first meal of the day is essential. 

Thus, we give the body energy to function and avoid hypoglycemia and malaise.

Restrictive diets that are impossible to maintain in the long term

Trendy diets that suggest large calorie reduction or the removal of food groups from the menu may even help you lose a lot of weight in a first moment. However, they are difficult to keep in the long term and do not promote a definite change of habits.

Then, when the diet is interrupted, the weight tends to come back. 

The person in the weight loss process must focus on a dietary re-education, which will help him/her to be able to maintain a healthy menu after losing weight and prevent weight gain. 

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Drinking an excessive amount of coffee 

A fresh cup of coffee is irresistible to most Brazilians. Especially for those who work in offices, there is always a break to drink. But like everything, in excess it is harmful.

Experts explain that it is necessary to pay attention to the amount of coffee ingested per day. Since, it is worth remembering, people drink coffee with sugar, and this excessive consumption is harmful to the body.

The indications are

  • Avoid sugar in the drink. In addition, the excess of caffeine can be harmful and it ends up being something that speeds up the heart. It can cause tachycardia, impair sleep, and can also stimulate bone degradation, and, in the long run, cause osteoporosis.  
  • The ideal is to consume a maximum of 150 ml of coffee per day. 

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Not drinking water

Our body needs to stay hydrated to function properly.

In addition, the brain confuses thirst and hunger and can send a false message that you need to eat something when, in fact, what you need is a glass of water to hydrate yourself. And water, besides giving satiety, helps to clean toxins and has no calories.

Okay, now you know that when you break your diet it is not necessary to change your supplementation, and you also saw what are the main mistakes of those who have gained weight, even after losing a lot.

And you know, to get the best information about nutrition that generates results, keep following our blog.

Thank you for reading and see you next time! 

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